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Sometimes it helps to talk to a counsellor about difficult issues. A counsellor is separate from your friends, family and other people who already know you. They are trained to help you work out what needs to change in your life for you to feel good about yourself and confident about handling how you feel.


Our counsellors specialise in working with young people who have been through any kind of sexual violence, so they understand the sort of things you might find helpful to talk through.


As well as counselling, we offer another kind of service, if what happened to you has been reported to the police. We have other workers called ISVAs, which stands for Independent Sexual Violence Advisors – they can help you understand what the police are doing, and will support you if you have to give evidence at court.




The parents of children who have been sexually abused often experience feelings of guilt and shame that are intensified by the real or perceived judgments of others and the stigma surrounding child sexual abuse. Some parents can feel isolated or find it difficult to express their emotions, Therapeutic work can be helpful in addressing these needs and promoting health and wellbeing for both the parent and the child. 


If you and/or your children have experienced any form of sexual violence, and you could benefit from support with your parenting you can contact us.

isva services


Independent Sexual Violence Advisers (ISVAs) provide emotional and practical support to survivors of rape, sexual abuse and sexual assault.  How they help depends on your needs.



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