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ReachDeck provides reading support on websites by reading website content out loud and highlighting each word as it is spoken in a high quality, human-sounding voice.


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Hover Hover to speak This is set to ON as a default. Hover over any text to hear it read aloud. To stop the audio, press this button.
Play Play Instead of using Hover to Speak you can select the text you wish to hear out loud and press the ‘Play’ button.
Translate Translate Click this button to translate the page and select a language from the dropdown menu.
Mp3 MP3 maker Select a piece of text then click this button to convert the text to MP3.
Screen mask Screen mask

When you click on this button a mask will appear on the screen that moves with the mouse so that the user can focus on the text they want to read.

Text magnifier Text magnifier Enlarges text and reads it out loud.
Web page simplifier Web page simplifier This displays only the main text on the page and allows you to change font size and colour.
Settings Settings Adjust settings to suit your needs and save your preferences.
Help Help Provides a brief description of each symbol on the Browse Aloud toolbar.