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"It's like being marooned on an island when everyone else is sailing away"


The impact of the cost of living crisis on women survivors of sexual violence in Oxfordshire

A guide to meaningful survivor engagement


This guide has been designed by Women's Aid and Imkaan to provide support for organisations working with survivors, to help amplify their voices and experience.

Support Matters: The landscape of child sexual abuse support services in England & Wales


Support Matters is a comprehensive study of the current landscape of service provision in response to child sexual abuse in England & Wales.

Government response, Domestic abuse and the Family Court: Achieving cultural change


In July 2023, the Domestic Abuse Commissioner published a report into the Family Court’s response to domestic abuse. The government has now responded to the recommendations within this report.

The Safe Care at Home Review, jointly led by the Home Office and DHSC


The Government announced the review into the protections and support available to adults abused in their own home by people providing their care.

When we are at our most vulnerable: the sickening extent of rapes and sexual assaults in hospitals


New research by the Women's Rights Network shows that more than 6500 rapes and sexual assaults have been committed in hospitals in England and Wales over nearly four years.

Process evaluation of Section 28: Evaluating the use of pre-recorded cross-examination for intimidated witnesses


This report provides findings from a process evaluation of the implementation of Section 28 for intimidated witnesses, including survivors of rape and modern slavery.

Sector Sustainability Grant - End of Grant Report


The Sector Sustainability Grant was used to support 66 not-for-profit legal advice organisations in England & Wales for the financial year 2021-22.

Mapping the UK Women and Girls Sector and its Funding


Rosa's latest research report shows that the women and girls sector is not getting the investment it needs or deserves and is in urgent need of investment and support.

RCEW: Breaking Point; the re-traumatisation of rape and sexual abuse survivors in the Crown Courts backlog


Rape Crisis England & Wales release a new report, ‘Breaking Point: the re-traumatisation of rape and sexual abuse survivors in the Crown Courts backlog’, which outlines the crisis in the Crown Courts

Formal support needs of adult victim-survivors of sexual violence


Government Social Research Reports into the experiences of victim-survivors and their needs from support services.

Denial, Disbelief & Delays


Examining the costs on the NHS of delayed Child Sexual Abuse disclosures in England and Wales.