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The Essex Partnership of Rape Crisis Centres work to raise awareness, prevent and reduce sexual violence through the provision of high quality services. Our services are continually evolving in order to respond to the needs of individuals who have experienced sexual violence.


Information and Support Line 0300 003 7777


Synergy Essex offers a dedicated information, support and referral telephone line for victims and survivors of sexual violence.  

Independent Sexual Violence Advisers (ISVA)


We provide specialist support and advocacy for victims and survivors throughout the Criminal Justice System. The ISVA service works in partnership with criminal justice agencies to provide an integrated service to victim and survivors involved in the criminal justice process, providing sexual health and well-being information and support.

 Specialist Sexual Violence Counselling Service


We offer specialist, confidential counselling and support to anyone who has experienced any form of sexual violence who are resident in Essex. All counsellors and volunteers are trained.   Counselling is free and can be offered through 'face to face' or telephone support.

Children and Families


We offer therapeutic and counselling support to children 12 years and under and their families.

Parenting Support


Integrated, intensive and highly personalised early offer of help intended to support and equip families to learn and apply parenting skills that develop resourcefulness and resilience while strengthening positive relationships with their children. 

 Young People’s Sexual Violence Counselling service


Specialist support, counselling and advocacy to young people aged 13 to 25 who have experienced any form of sexual violence.  We also deliver workshops in schools, universities and offer multi agency training for professionals. 

Consultation and Focus Groups with Service Users


The Essex Rape Crisis Partnership is committed to ensuring that individuals who use our services are heard, influencing and improving agency responses and service delivery for individuals who have experienced sexual violence.

Awareness raising and in-depth training for agencies and professionals is available on request


The Essex Rape Crisis Partnership monitors and evaluates all work delivered and collects data through a bespoke Data Performance Management System (DPMS). Collation of anonymous sexual violence statistical information is used locally and nationally to inform the development and improvement of sexual violence service provision.